Vegetarian Appetizer

Papadum (4 pieces) $3.95

Tandoor baked paper thin lentil wafer with chutney.

Veg Samosa (2 pieces) $4.95

Moderately spiced selected vegetables stuffed into a thin triangular patty and deep-fried.

Papdi Chaat $7.95

Crisp fried wafer served with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and tangy tamarind chutney.

Veg Pakora (12 pieces) $10.95

An assortment of vegetables coarsely chopped and spiced, battered in chickpea flour and deep fried.

Onion Bhaji (12 pieces) $10.95

Fried onion fritters.

Paneer Pakora (10 pieces) $12.95

Stuffed Cottage cheese battered with chick pea flour & deep fried.

Veg Snacks Platter $14.95

Combination of Veg samosa, Veg pakora, Paneer pakora and Onion bhaji.

Non-Vegetarian Appetizer

Beef Samosa (2 pieces) $5.95

Deep fried patties stuffed with flavored ground beef and green peas with homemade spices.

Chicken Samosa (2 pieces) $5.95

Deep fried patties stuffed with flavored ground chicken and green peas with homemade spices.

Chicken Pakora (10 pieces) $12.95

Chicken strips marinated with spices and battered in chick pea flour, deep fried.

Fish Pakora (10 pieces) $12.95

Fish marinated with spices, battered with chickpea flour and deep fried.

Chicken 65 $14.95

Chicken cubes marinated with south Indian tangy spices and deep fried.

Non-Veg Snacks Platter $16.95

Combination of Beef samosa, Chicken samosa, Chicken pakora and Fish pakora.


Dal Shorba $5.95

Delicious Lentil & tomato Soup, with the richness of spices.

Rasam $5.95

Tomato & pepper broth, tempered with curry leaves.

Sweet corn Veg/Chicken $5.95/6.95

An Indo Chinese soup prepared with creamy style corn.

Hot & Sour Veg/Chicken $5.95/6.95

Indo Chinese soup prepared with ginger, garlic, & chilies.

Manchow Veg/Chicken $5.95/6.95

A delightful soup garnished with fried noodles.

Non Veg

Chicken Tikka (8 pieces) $15.95

Tender & juicy marinated chicken roasted on skewer in our special clay tandoor.

Tandoori Wings (12 pieces) $14.95

Indian Flavor’s masala marinated wings cooked in a clay oven.

Achari Murg (8 pieces) $15.95

Boneless Chicken roasted in a clay oven with authentic pickling spices.

Murg Angar (8 PIECES) $16.95

Peppery boneless chicken marinated with mint, coriander & creamy cashewnut.

Murg Malai Tikka (8 pieces) $16.95

Boneless chicken marinated in creamy cashewnut, cheese with the flavor of cardamom, roasted in tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken (4 pieces) $15.95

Marinated one-half of a chicken (bone-in), using Indian spices and herbs with homemade natural yogurt, then barbecued in the Tandoor.

Indian Flavor’s Tandoori Chicken (2 pieces) $16.95

Mild flavored bone in chicken marinated with creamy cashewnut, hint of saffron & grilled in tandoor.

Chicken Sheekh kebab (8 pieces) $14.95

A delicacy of minced chicken flavored with aromatic flavors cooked on a skewer in tandoor.

Lamb Sheekh Kebab (8 pieces) $15.95

Lamb mince marinated in a blend of Indian Flavor’s spices and slowly cooked in clay oven.

Beef Sheekh Kebab (8 pieces) $15.95

Grounded beef mixed with garlic and ginger, coriander flavoring spices rolled on skewer, cooked in clay oven.

Tandoori Fish Tikka (8 pieces) $16.95

Fresh basa cubes lightly marinated with Indian spices, roasted in tandoor.

Achari fish tikka (8 pieces) $16.95

Tangy flavored fish marinated with ground roasted spices and yogurt, and grilled in tandoor.

Anari Prawn (8 pieces) $18.95

Prawns marinated in tandoori spices, glazed with pomegranate and cooked in a clay oven. Tandoori Pomfret $20.95

Popular Indian whole fish marinated in traditional spices & grilled in tandoor.

Tandoori Quail (3pieces) $20.95

Tandoori quail steeped in traditional marinade & roasted slowly in tandoor.

Tandoori Lamb Chops (4 pieces) 24.95

Lamb chops, marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and grilled in the tandoor oven.

Tandoori Non-veg Platter 24.95

An exotic mixed combination of chicken, beef/lamb sheekh kebab, murg malai tikka and chicken tikka.


Butter Chicken $14.95

A mild, much-favored dish of chicken roasted in the tandoor, and then cooked in butter, creamy tomato sauce, garnished with rich cream.

Chicken tikka masala $14.95

Chicken marinated and grilled in tandoor, then simmered in masala sauce with sautéed capsicum and onions.

Chicken Curry $14.95

Chicken breast cooked in a flavorful curry with whole garam masala.

Kadhai Chicken $14.95

Chicken morsels cooked with onion tomatoes masala and homemade spices.

Chicken Korma $14.95

Chicken cooked in a thick and aromatic creamy sauce with ground cashew nuts, and spices.

Chicken Palak $14.95

A healthy Chicken curry where chicken is firstly marinated and then cooked in spinach gravy.

Chicken Vindaloo $14.95

Chicken Packed with flavors from chillies, garlic & spices with subtle hint of vinegar.

Chicken Jalfrezi $14.95

A delightfully flavorful curry with tender juicy chunks of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried peppers and onions.

Chicken Taka Tak $14.95

Chicken morsels tossed with special home-made masala.

Indian Flavor’s Chicken $15.95

Chicken malai tikka cooked in a delicate rich cashew nut sauce with a hint of saffron.

Mango chicken curry $15.95

Mango chicken is a very flavorful mild chicken curry that is sweet and savory.

Murg Musallam $16.95

Bone-in chicken is coated with a mix of ground spices, & cooked in almond cashew gravy.

Coconut curry chicken $14.95

Fresh chicken cooked with onion, tomato and creamy coconut milk.

Chicken Madras $14.95

Chicken Madras is a famous Indian dish cooked with coconut milk, mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves.

Chicken Chettinad $14.95

Chicken is made by toasting a number of South Indian spices with coconut and producing an aromatic masala that has a slight aniseed scent.

Chicken pepper fry $14.95

Chicken sautéed with crushed pepper, curry leaves and fennel seeds.

Quail Masala $17.95

Quail Cooked in a Chef’s special gravy.

Main course Vegetarian

Paneer Makhani $13.95

Slightly sweet creamy dish of home-made cottage cheese in a tomato butter sauce.

Kadhai Paneer $13.95

Indian cottage cheese cooked with assorted bell peppers, onion in Kadhai gravy.

Paneer Tikka Masala $13.95

Assorted bell peppers and onions, grill and sautéed with traditional homemade cheese in a butter onion gravy.

Paneer Lababdar $13.95

A luscious combination of cottage cheese and exotic gravy made from tomato puree, chopped capsicum, onions, cashew nuts and spices.

Paneer butter masala $13.95

Cubes of Indian cottage cheese sautéed with garlic, butter, & cooked in onion tomato masala.

Indian Flavor’s Paneer $13.95

It’s a delicacy consisting of stuffed paneer with rich creamy gravy.

Palak Paneer $13.95

Leafy spinach pureed & cooked with homemade cheese and spices.

Mutter Paneer $13.95

Indian cottage cheese and green peas cooked in tomato onion gravy with tinge of mild spice.

Shahi paneer $13.95

Indian cottage cheese cooked in rich creamy cashew gravy.

Malai Kofta $13.95

Cottage cheese, potatoes dumplings deep fried and cooked with creamy cashew nut sauce.

Navratan Korma $13.95

A rich, creamy and flavorful dish that literally translates to nine-gem curry. The “gems” are the fruits, vegetables and nuts that make up the curry.

Mango Veg Curry $13.95

A colorful mélange of vegetables Curry which is cooked with mango pulp & coconut milk.

Mix Veg $12.95

Seasonal mix veg cooked with onion & tomato gravy in homemade spices.

Veg Jalfrezi $13.95

Mixed seasonal vegetables cooked with slices of onion, tomato, capsicum & homemade spices.

Channa Masala $12.95

A moderately flavored curry of organic chick peas, cooked with selected spices and herbs.

Yellow Dal Tadka $11.95

Yellow lentils cooked in sautéed garlic, roasted cumin & garnished with cilantro.

Dal Makhani $12.95

Black lentil cooked in Indian spices and simmered with butter and cream.

Dum Aloo $12.95

Mild spiced potatoes (Aloo) cooked in spices, healthy yogurt and tomato base curry.

Aloo Mattar $12.95

Potatoes and fresh peas cooked in our home-made onion and tomato gravy.

Aloo Palak $12.95

Golden potatoes cooked in a fresh spinach puree sauce.

Jeera ALOO $12.95

Potatoes boiled and sautéed golden with turmeric, jeera and onions.

Aloo Gobhi $13.95

Cauliflower and buttery potato tossed in a mild masala mix & garnished with cilantro leaves.

Soybean Chaap Masala $13.95

It is an excellent vegetarian dish packed with a kind of mock meat or vegetarian meat prepared with soybean chunks and flour.

Eggplant Bharta $13.95

Tandoor roasted eggplant sautéed with green peas and spiced with traditional Indian spices.

Cashew Gobhi Mattar $13.95

Cauliflower and green peas are cooked together with whole cashewnut, onion, tomatoes and flavorful spices.

Mattar Mushroom $12.95

Mushrooms and Peas cooked in a Creamy & flavorful onion tomato Sauce.

Kadhai Mushroom $13.95

Button mushrooms cooked in an onion tomato sauce along with bell pepper and onion.

Malai Mushroom $13.95

Malai mushroom is a perfect combination of creamy Indian flavors with delicious mushroom.

Mushroom Pepper Fry (Dry) $13.95

Crisp fried mushrooms tossed with onion, curry leaves, fennel seeds & crushed black pepper.

Okra Masala $13.95

Okra sautéed with onion & tomato masala with homemade spices.

With the choice of your Protein:

Meat (Goat/lamb/Beef) – $15.95

1. Curry – Protein flavored with aromatic spices and slow braised in rich onion, tomato gravy.

2. Kadhai - A true Indian rustic dish made out of Kadhai spices & sautéed with Onion, bell pepper.

3. Vindaloo – Curry Packed with flavors from chillies, garlic & home-made spices with subtle hint of vinegar.

4. Bhuna - Bhuna is a process where meat is added to the spices and then cooked in its own juices which results in deep strong flavors but very little sauce.

5. Palak - Palak Curry is a healthy curry where protein is firstly marinated and then cooked in spinach gravy.

6. Madras - Curry infused with coconut milk & curry leaves with chef special spice.

7. Korma - Mix of spices, cashewnut & butter give this curry, mouth-watering creaminess.

8. Rara - Minced protein and protein cubes curry sautéed with green chilies and whole spices.

9. Taka Tak – Protein tossed with a special home-made masala.


Chicken Lollypop (Dry) $14.95

A frenched chicken winglet, where the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance and battered fried.

Chilli Garlic Fish (Dry) $15.95

Crispy fried fish in a chilli & garlic sauce blend which will give you sweet, spicy and tangy taste.

Salt & pepper Chicken (Dry) $14.95

Crispy fried Chicken cubes tossed with with chopped onion, ginger, garlic, & green chillies.

Chilli garlic Wings (Dry) $14.95

Crispy fried wings tossed in a chilli garlic sauce.

Chilli Garlic Prawns (Dry) $16.95

Crispy fried prawns tossed in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce.

Chilli Chicken (Dry/Gravy) $15.95

Diced chicken cooked in a spicy soy sauce with onions and peppers garnished with scallions.

Chicken Manchurian (Dry/Gravy) $15.95

Seasoned cubes of chicken tossed in a spicy blend of herbs and spices.

Chicken Schezwan Sauce $15.95

A spicy combination of boneless chicken in schezwan sauce


Stir fried chicken tossed with sesame and honey chilli sauce.

Chilli Prawn (Dry/Gravy) $16.95

Stir fried prawns cooked in a spicy soy sauce with onions and peppers garnished with scallions.

Chilli Fish/lamb/Beef/Goat (Dry/Gravy) $15.95

A choice of protein cooked in a hot chilli sauce with onion & peppers & garnished with cilantro.

Tandoor Vegetarian

Paneer Tikka (8 pieces) $15.95

Indian cottage cheese (Paneer) marinated with home-made spices and grilled in tandoor.

Indian Flavor’s Paneer Tikka (8 pieces) $16.95

A luscious appetizer, features cubes of paneer stuffed with 3 different flavors & grilled to perfection in tandoor.

Achari Paneer tikka (8 pieces) $16.95

The soft and juicy morsels of paneer coated with spicy and tangy masala.

Makhmali Paneer kebab (8 pieces) $17.95

Minced paneer marinated with some exotic spices, rolled and grilled in tandoor.

Tandoori Mushroom (10-12 pieces) $15.95

White button mushrooms, marinated with hung curd & Indian Flavor’s spices, grilled in Tandoor.

Tandoori Salad $16.95

Marinated cubes of Pineapple, cottage cheese & vegetables are grilled in tandoor.

Hara Bhara Kebab (6 pieces) $15.95

Crisp pressed potato & spinach patties, stuffed with mango chutney & hung curd, cooked on griddle.

Tandoori Soybean Chaap (5 pieces) $15.95

Succulent soya chaaps marinated with Indian Flavor’s spices and cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Veg Platter $20.95

An exotic mixed combination of Soybean, Mushroom, Paneer tikka and Hara Bhara kebab.


Mango fish/prawn curry $15.95 / $16.95

Light aromatic fish/prawn curry stewed in mango pulp & infused in coconut milk.

Fish/Prawn Masala $15.95 / $16.95

Basa fish/prawn tossed with flavorful onion and tomato masala.

Goan fish/prawn curry $15.95 / $16.95

Goan curry is a warm and tangy fish/prawn curry that is cooled with coconut milk.

Prawn Vindaloo $16.95

Prawn vindaloo Packed with flavor from chillies, garlic & spices with subtle hint of vinegar.

Indian Flavor’s Prawn Curry $16.95

A Bengali prawn curry, where prawns are cooked in spices and coconut milk making a thick curry dish.

Kadhai Prawn $16.95

Prawns cooked with fresh onion, pepper and in traditional Kadhai gravy.

Prawn Korma $16.95

Prawns cooked in a thick and aromatic sauce with creamy ground cashew nuts.


A flavorful northern dish, served on special occasions, featuring basmati rice fried with vegetables, meat or shrimp, and cooked with yogurt, and spices. Garnished with fresh mint and coriander.

Veg Biryani $12.95

Chicken Biryani $14.95

Lamb/Goat/Beef Biryani $14.95

Prawn Biryani $15.95


Basmati Rice $3.95

Long grain flavorsome steamed basmati rice.

Jeera Rice $4.95

Flavored basmati rice tempered with cumin on DUM.

Coconut Rice $5.95

Basmati rice flavored with coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Saffron Rice $5.95

Basmati rice flavored with saffron.

Peas Pulao $4.95

Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with peas.

Mushroom Pulao $5.95

Flavorful Basmati rice cooked with mushroom.

Kashmiri Pulao $6.95

Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with nuts and assorted fruits with the tinge of saffron.


Plain Yoghurt $2.95

Veg/Pineapple Raita $3.95/4.25

Green Chutney $2.25

Mango Chutney $2.25

Tamarind Chutney $2.25

Mix Pickles $2.25

Garden Salad $5.95

Caesar Salad $6.95


Plain Naan $2.95

Garlic Naan $ 3.45

Butter Naan $3.95

Peshawari Naan $4.95

Chocolate Naan $4.95 to $5.95

Cheese & Garlic Naan $5.95

Aloo Kulcha $3.95

Paneer Kulcha $3.95

Kheema Naan (Lamb, Chicken, Beef) $5.95

Tandoori Roti $2.95

Lachcha Parantha $3.95

Pudina Parantha $3.95

Aloo Parantha 3.50

Paneer Parantha $3.95


Gulab Jamun $3.95

Nashili Gulab Jamun $5.95

Rasmalai $3.95

Ice-cream $4.95

Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango

Gulabjamun Fuzz $6.95

Kheer $4.95

Kulfi falooda $4.95


Sweet/Salted Lassi $4.95

Mango/Strawberry Lassi $5.95

Strawberry Lassi $5.95

Masala tea / Coffee $3.95

Green Tea /Premium Tea $4.25

Iced Tea $4.25

Juice $3.95

Pops $2.95

Milkshakes $5.95

Mineral Water $2.95

Indo – Chinese Menu

VEGETARIAN Salt & Pepper Paneer (Dry) $14.95

Indian cheese (paneer) tossed with chopped onion, ginger, garlic, & green chillies.

Honey Sesame Chilli Potatoes (Dry) $13.95

Potato fingers coated with sesame and tossed in a honey garlic sauce.

Crispy Chilli Broccoli (Dry) $14.95

Crispy Broccoli is fried and tossed with the garlic, ginger and sweet chili sauce.

Corn Chilli Pepper (Dry) $13.95

Sweet, juicy corn kernels are golden deep fried, tossed with crunchy onions and hot chillies.

Veg Spring Roll $12.95

Mix of vegetables are filled in the rolls of thin rice based wrappings.

Chilli Paneer Dry/Gravy $14.95

Stir fried cubes of cottage cheese, onions and peppers in a spicy soy chilli sauce.

Veg Manchurian Dry/Gravy $13.95

Golden fried vegetable dumplings tossed with a manchurian sauce.

Gobhi Manchurian (Dry) $14.95

Golden fried cauliflower florets tossed with a manchurian sauce.

Chilli Mushroom Dry/Gravy $13.95

Stir fried mushroom, onions and peppers in a spicy soy chilli sauce

Noodles/ Rice

Vegetable Chowmein $13.95

Thin noodles stir fried with julienne vegetables in a tangy & spicy sauce.

Chicken Chowmein $14.95

Golden fried chicken cubes, colorful vegetables, and noodles tossed in a spicy & tangy sauce.

Prawn Chowmein $15.95

Stir fried shrimp and vegetables tossed with noodles in a savory & spicy sauce.

Egg & Mushroom Chowmein $14.95

Stir fried noodles tossed with mushroom & egg.

Schezwan Vegetable Chowmein $13.95

Colorful vegetable tossed with noodles in schezwan sauce.

Schezwan Chicken Chowmein $14.95

Fried chicken tossed with noodles in a spicy and flavorful sauce.

Schezwan Prawn Chowmein $15.95

Noodles & shrimp tossed with the mélange of vegetable in spicy schezwan sauce.

Fried Rice $12.95/13.95

Fried rice tossed with the choice of vegetables/chicken.

Schezwan Fried Rice $13.95/14.95

Rice tossed with the schezwan sauce with the choice of vegetables/chicken.

Please let us know if you have any Diary, Gluten & Nuts allergy. And how spicy would you like to have your food (spicy, medium, mild).